B & B Building Supplies is pleased to work with a number of building designers on the Sunshine Coast.

Their diverse range of designs showcase their individual talents and innovative building designs techniques while incorporating the latest industry products. Add this to our intimate understanding of the construction process and experience supplying kits to lock up stage for builders, owner builders and renovators will guarantee that together we have a wonderful opportunity to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience for you!

Click any of the images below to open a larger, high-resolution version of the building designs.

TropEco Designs

This modularised approach to building designs provides the flexibility necessary to suit a wide variety of sites and client requirements, without the cost and waste associated with custom designs. It simplifies the design process, simplifies the construction process and reduces building costs.

Design Features:

  • embody sustainability principles
  • empower green lifestyle choices

Qs 1.01

Qs 3.01

Qs 3.11

Qs 4.01

GW Designs

Incorporating optimism with practical, multifunctional solutions and strong relationships between internal and external spaces, cross-ventilation and structures which breathe naturally for temperature control are constant themes throughout these designs.

Design Features:

  • healthy designs
  • smart, compact & functional

GW 001

GW 002

GW 003

GW 004

NuHaus Building Design 

Innovative design techniques that create light-filled, open, flowing spaces are integrated with a unique and adaptable construction process to accommodate the site conditions and homeowners lifestyle.

An underlying influence of the Greensmart principles will create a healthy home for the owners.

Design Features:

  • innovative & adaptable
  • energy efficient & cost effective






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